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Atelier Dining was conceptualized and created out of a need of a dining experience that represents the culture of a European eatery. After years of traveling Europe and the world Jonathan Pluvinet, born in the South of France with Italian heritage, wanted to create a European dining experience in the US that he felt was needed to infuse his food culture with that of the American lifestyle.


Our philosophy can be summed up in three simple words: Product, Service, and Atmosphere. Atelier Dining aims to give our guests a unique experience from taste, touch and sight through its different concepts. Surrounded by a cozy and authentic European atmosphere and served by a welcoming staff, guests are made to feel relaxed and at ease all while enjoying a bite of an authentic food offering or their favorite choice of crafted beverage. 


Our range of high quality products has been expanded over the years since the first inception of Atelier Dining’s experience in the form of Rosallie Las Vegas in 2015. The high standard of excellence in our food is always guaranteed through the use of fresh and natural ingredients.


Atelier Dining is characterized by a particular and refined design, welcoming, with a unique atmosphere. The goal for Atelier Dining is for guests to have a space where they can socialize in a comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying the best food and atmosphere of European culture.

Our Team